The Progressive Republican League is a national network of political reformers and Republican activists dedicated to establishing a new power base in the Republican Party. We are tired of the old dogmas our party has peddled for the last several decades, and we disdain the new radicalism inculcated on the far right in recent years. But we remain loyal to the party, and for various reasons refuse to abandon it and become Democrats.

We seek to revive the Republican tradition of such statesmen as Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln and, further back, Henry Clay, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington himself. That tradition does not fit neatly into the Republican Party of today.

Progressive Republicans support Federalism and Subsidiarity, the adequate separation of powers between the national, state, and local governments.

Progressive Republicans support the American System of Economics, which involves public-private partnerships, strategic public investments, proper regulation, and a solvent, generous social contract, all in the interests of the American nation.

Progressive Republicans support Strategic Realism, a commitment to preserving the existing international order and maintaining a strong national defense, while humbly acknowledging the limits of American power.

Progressive Republicans support Social Moderation, a general temperament disposed towards equality, inclusion, and humanity towards all, grounded in charity and a tempered understanding of human nature, society, and tradition.

Progressive Republicans support Constant Reform of public, private, and social institutions, decrying bureaucratic stagnation, plutocratic capture, and social decay with equal fervor.

This is our headquarters on the web.

Are YOU a Member of The Progressive Republican League?

If you consider yourself a Republican but are uncomfortable aligning yourself with the Republican Party, you may well be one of us. We support blue-and-purple-state Republicans like George Pataki, Charlie Baker, Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, and John Kasich, and maverick Western Republicans like Jon Huntsman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also support figures who have left the party or politics as a whole in disgust, like Olympia Snowe, Charlie Crist, and Lincoln Chafee. Intellectuals like the conservatives David Brooks, David Frum, and Jim Manzi, and the liberals Michael Lind and Joel Kotkin, articulate our values well, in different ways. If you are a fan of any of these figures, our movement might be for you.

If you are interested in being involved or learning more, please email Luke Phillips at lukenathanphillips2012@gmail.com.

We look forward to working with you for the greatness of America!


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