Kasich Out- Into the Age of Trump

Luke Phillips


Not much to say here, folks, beyond what was already said the other day:

At 5:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, May 3rd, 2016, an old tradition died. It was probably past its time- its malcontents had been devouring each other for decades already- but ultimately, it was Ted Cruz’s departure from the 2016 presidential nominating contest that broke the camel’s back. Movement conservatism as a political ideology is gone, for all intents and purposes, and it won’t be coming back.

John Kasich is out now, too, leaving Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee. Time will tell whether or not he changes his substance and style- earlier today he expressed openness to raising the federal minimum wage and made an unintentionally hilarious outreach gesture to Latinos on Facebook- but for the time being, Republicans of all stripes are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

To be honest, I hope Trump changes. But I don’t expect it, and if things go as expected, PRL will be vigorously condemning his social views and pronouncements over the next couple of months. We will also more likely than not be sitting out on the vote this election.

But stranger things have happened. In the meantime, onto priority number one- rebuilding the GOP in a post-Trump era.


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