This World of Ours 5/6/16

Luke Phillips

A couple of interesting and terrifying stories from around the globe today.


Developing- it appears that ISIS militants have attacked the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Two gunmen were killed and two suicide bombers blew themselves up within the city; evidently no civilians or Saudi security forces were harmed. As our friends at The American Interest report, “The religious wars in the Middle East seem to have reached into the very heart of Islam.” Expect more from this story. American policymakers should stand by our Saudi allies in the face of this and other threats.

Also at TAI, Walter Russell Mead has an excellent piece highlighting the sectarian and ethnic violence in Myanmar. In short, the democratic transition is incredibly illiberal, and the Western-lionized Aung San Suu Kyi is abetting ethnic violence against the Rohingya Muslims by the Burmese Buddhists.

“None of this means that democracy is bad or that we shouldn’t want more of it. But it’s a good reminder that politics are as twisted as the human soul, and that our tendency to see world events through a simple moral lens is a dangerous habit.

Burma is a complicated place with a complicated past, and it is going to have a complicated future.  

Other news too- a militant group attacked an oil facility off the coast of Nigeria, Alberta’s Fort McMurray fires grow deadlier and force more and more Canadians out of their homes, and the Washington Post has an interesting story of an intrigue of the CIA station chief in Pakistan being poisoned by the predecessor to ISIS.

Keep watching the chaos engulfing this world of ours, and we’ll keep reporting it.


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