Dear Trump Supporters: Vote with Hope, Not with Hatred

Luke Phillips


Dear Trump Voters,

We understand your frustration with the GOP Establishment. We share it.

A party that has put free-market orthodoxies and its financial backers above American national interests and American workers is not a party that deserves support from the good working people of America.

A party that has launched outrageous foreign wars that sucked away the lives of our sons and daughters is not a party to be trusted with the reins of power.

A party that has refused to tackle the great pressing challenges of our broken immigration system, our insolvent entitlements and healthcare system, our participation in unfair trade deals, the gradual loss of working-class jobs, the dysfunction of our tax code and our federal bureaucracy, and so many others- this party is not a party fit for governing, and deserves to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

And should Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States- as she likely will- she will do nothing but continue these failing and plutocratic policies, at the expense of the good people of the United States.

We feel your frustration. We know your concerns. We share many of your goals and interests.

But we cannot stand by you as you descend into hatred of our fellow human beings- Mexican immigrants, Muslim-Americans, and so many others.

Unbridled hatred leads to violence, and violence against any group in this country- Latinos, Muslims, blacks, gays, or anybody else, whether they’re citizens or not- will be a stain on our national conscience not unlike slavery or the expulsion of Native Americans from the West.

Donald Trump has played on fear and stoked hatred. He has divided American against American worse than Barack Obama ever dared. He is temperamentally unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

I’m not asking you not to vote for him, because I know you like him- he speaks to you in ways that Bush, McCain, Romney, and Ryan never could.

But I do ask of you this- when Donald Trump goes down in defeat this November, as he likely will, and the Republican Party rebuilds itself, do not direct your anger against groups of human beings that have done you no wrong.

Direct your anger against the Republican Establishment that has failed you for decades on end. Direct your anger towards those whom you put in power who failed to carry out their responsibilities to you. Direct your anger instead against the elites who have served only themselves and not their countrymen.

They have earned it. Muslims and immigrants haven’t.

Show your anger at the elites by voting them out of office and replacing them with people who will fight for you. Certainly, some of these will be individuals we at the Progressive Republican League dislike, like Sarah Palin and Jeff Sessions. That’s fine.

But please, please be open to supporting other candidates who will fight for your interests- who will fight for restriction of immigration, for the renegotiation of trade deals, for the retrenchment of American involvement overseas and the buildup of the American military, for investment in manufacturing and infrastructure, who will reform healthcare and entitlements to make them more available and more solvent, who will reform government for the 21st Century- without trying to divide you from our Latino and Muslim brothers and sisters.

Vote for politicians who will appeal to your needs and your honor, not to your fear and your hate.

Vote for politicians who will unite the country, not divide it.

Vote for politicians with a vision for the future, not just nostalgia for the past. Vote for those politicians who will restore the Constitution, who will unleash a new era of prosperity, who will open up opportunities for all Americans, who will take us on quests to eradicate disease and conquer the stars- all in the interests of the American people as a whole, rather than small segments of it.

Vote with hope, not with hatred.

We don’t see many of these reforming populist Republican politicians on the national stage right now. But they are there, and they are ready to rise and fight for you in the years ahead. They will fight for you- but they will not do it at the expense of our fellow human beings.

We founded The Progressive Republican League to provide a socially open and economically populist alternative to the divisive identity politics and dogmatic financialist economics being practiced by the Establishments of both major parties. We of the Progressive Republican League hope to resurrect the Republicanism of Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower- a Republicanism that uses the power of government in the interests of the working and middle classes, committed to a 100% Americanism and character as the root of citizenship. We seek to update that Republicanism for the 21st Century, a time in which it has been sorely lacking from our national discourse.

We cannot, in good conscience, support Donald Trump, a man who spits upon the Constitution, upon liberty, upon our traditions, and upon all those customs and institutions that have made America great. We cannot endorse a man who is conning an entire segment of the American population, leading them down a path that ends only in tyranny. We cannot support a candidate who premises his candidacy on fear, xenophobia, and racism rather than unity, inclusivity, and hope.

But we can agree that he highlights important concerns about immigration, trade, entitlements, government, and foreign affairs that the Republican Establishment has for decades ignored.

To that end, we extend our hands to you, Trump supporters. Please take the high road in the coming years, and vote for uniters and problem-solvers- not divisive demagogues who would use you for their personal ambitions.

You deserve better than that. Our country deserves better than that.

We hope you will join us in the quest to rebuild the Republican Party into something better, and to bring a new age of greatness to America.



Luke Phillips

The Progressive Republican League


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