Candidate Information

Invitation for Candidates to Join the Progressive Republican League

Dear Candidate,

We congratulate you on your decision to run for public office, and wish you well on your journey through the challenges ahead.

We of the Progressive Republican League are a nationwide grassroots network of young Republican activists and reformers hoping to restore the great tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Nelson Rockefeller to the Grand Old Party. We are looking for candidates running for state, local, and national office to support and recruit into our network.

Our purpose is straightforward: ideological conservatism based on a flawed understanding of Ronald Reagan and a worship of impractical economics and divisive social stances has come to dominate our party, preventing it from being a responsible governing entity. This has resulted in many consequences, two of the most visible being the failure of the Bush presidency and the socioeconomic alienation that led to the rise of Donald Trump.

Our principles are simple. As we say on our website:

“Progressive Republicans support Federalism and Subsidiarity, the adequate separation of powers between the national, state, and local governments.

Progressive Republicans support the American System of Economics, which involves public-private partnerships, strategic public investments, proper regulation, and a solvent, generous social contract, all in the interests of the American nation.

Progressive Republicans support Strategic Realism, a commitment to preserving the existing international order and maintaining a strong national defense, while humbly acknowledging the limits of American power.

Progressive Republicans support Social Moderation, a general temperament disposed towards equality, inclusion, and humanity towards all, grounded in charity and a tempered understanding of human nature, society, and tradition.

Progressive Republicans support Constant Reform of public, private, and social institutions, decrying bureaucratic stagnation, plutocratic capture, and social decay with equal fervor.”

If you generally agree with these principles and the policy stances associated with them, we would love to include you in our national network and support you in any way we can.

At the moment, the Progressive Republican League is a fledgling organization, and we cannot yet support candidates financially or with campaign volunteers. We can, however, offer our endorsement, our blogging and writing talents, and our growing national network, and will happily feature your campaign on our website and promote you as best we can online.

More valuable than any direct help we can offer, though, is the chance for you to become a leading and founding member of a movement with the goal of reforming the Republican Party for the 21st Century. Pundit after pundit has declared that Reaganite Conservatism is dead, and that rabid Trumpism will rule in the GOP unless principled statesmen and stateswomen stand against it. Well, this movement hopes to do exactly that- to stand as a fourth way, between the centralizing plutocracy of Hillary Clinton, the dead ideological corpse of Paul Ryan, and the rabid populist nationalism of Donald Trump.

If you are interested in joining our network and enlisting our services in your campaign, please contact our President, Luke Phillips, at We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your consideration, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

For America,

Luke Phillips

President, The Progressive Republican League