Federalism and Subsidiarity


-Federal aid to states and cities with no strings or few strings attached

-Reform of centrally-issued regulations

-General return of administrative, regulatory, and policy-making power to lower levels of government

American System of Economics


-Increased funding for transportation, communications, energy, water infrastructure

-Increased funding for technological research

-Increased funding for diversified and reformed education system

-Public-private partnerships with critical productivity and employment industries

-Federal support for infant industries

-Pro-export trade policy

-Financial re-regulation

-Progressive taxation, including no tax increases below a certain theshold

Strategic Realism

-Increased defense spending

-Restraint in international involvement

Social Moderation

-One-time comprehensive immigration reform coupled with decreased levels of low-skilled immigration

-Criminal justice reform

-Marijuana decriminalization

Constant Reform of Institutions 

-Campaign finance reform

-Weakening of public-sector unions

-Information Technology modernization of governance

-Lower barriers of entry and access to professional “guild” professions, including law, higher education, and medicine

-Federal Government re-organization