Member Testimonies

Our members nationwide explain why they are Progressive Republicans.




Luke Phillips, PRL President and Editor

Los Angeles, California

“I helped found the Progressive Republican League because I am concerned about the state of my party. A party that produced Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, and Richard Nixon should not be an anti-government and dogmatically free-market party. Our biggest challenge today is the dysfunction of our governing system, and the Democrats aren’t about to resolve that. That leaves it to the GOP- historically the party of good government, rather than small government- to do the reforming. But that reform won’t happen if we reflexively oppose government and worship the free market as a matter of faith.”



Heberto Limas-Villers, PRL Outreach Director and Contributor

Boulder, Colorado

“When I first became involved in politics, I started as a very radial socialist desiring to have the state run the economy. I lost that radical ideology as I began my studies in economics and politics realizing that socialism never works. Despite my moderation, I remained a Democrat until I was shown that I was no longer welcome in a party that was veering to the left. I decided to become a Republican, as I saw my growing support to the center-right. I helped start the PRL as a movement within the party in order to restore the Republican’s roots as a pragmatic conservative party that deserves to reign over the country.”


Mike Daigler

New York

“I have gone through a long political journey, eventually realizing through research and epiphanies that I belong in the Progressive Republican Tradition. I believe it’s time for a new direction for the party, and that it would be better to restore the Progressive tradition in the GOP than to jump ship to the Democrats or a minor third party.”


Zack Boyden

Reno, Nevada

“I find myself valuing conservative principles but I don’t find many of them executed within either party the way I would like them to be. I fully acknowledge that my scope of political perspective is limited, and by accepting centrist values I find I am able to articulate and communicate policies I find to be sustainable and responsible, in true conservative fashion. The major issue facing the United States is extreme polarization and monopolization of ideology, and as a Progressive Republican I want to fight it.”


Rob Wisler

Omaha, Nebraska

“I came to be a Progressive Republican after a journey through several third parties. I was a member of both the Justice Party and the Modern Whig Party, but I became disengaged because of a lack of any real progress. I have come to realize that the two-party system will continue to reign in our current electoral system, which is made up of single-member districts. Change must come within the two party system.

I joined the Progressive Republicans because I have come to see that the Rooseveltian mixed economy is the healthiest mixture of state intervention in the free market. The Democrats are pushing towards more a state-directed economy and the Libertarian Republicans are pushing towards an absolute free market. Neither of these extremes are healthy. What we are striving for is a balance.”


Alan S. Reynolds, Candidate for 41st District California State Assembly

Pasadena, California

“As a self avowed “independent-centrist,” finding a political home has been a difficult feat for me. I have been extensively involved with the Modern Whig Party for many years, until recently serving as the Chair of the CA Whig Party. Currently I am doing the CA Reform Party a favor and serving as its Secretary/Treasurer. Previously I ran as an Americans Elect candidate for CA Lt. Governor (2014) and as an Independent/NPP candidate for CA Assembly 41 (2016). All of my “anti-establishment” & anti-“2 party system” activity over the last 8 years has been done in a “knowingly futile” manner, as we are no where close to making 3rd parties viable. The renewal of a Progressive Republican movement, while fledgling, represents what I view as hope for the future of our republic. The heritage of Clay, Lincoln, Eisenhower, and (for me most importantly) Teddy Roosevelt,  which has arisen in times of particular need in our nation’s past, is sorely needed today. It is time for me to use my established Independent background to influence the coming of a Progressive Republican future.”


Austin Fulton

West Jordan, Utah

“For most of my life I described myself as an independent. I saw solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems in both parties and still do. However, as I went through college and other experiences I slowly became more conservative. I believe that practical conservatism that focuses on the issues that effect everyday Americans most, rather than focusing on the most extreme opinions of the party, can help lead us to a more prosperous future. It is clear to me that the Republican Party needs to improve its image with the rising generations. I believe it is up to us to help the make sure the party has a meaningful seat at the table as we enter a difficult political season and a new economic era.”


Christopher Castillo, Candidate for 44th District U.S. Congress

Long Beach, California

“I am the youngest Republican Congressional Nominee in the nation. I am a proud Progressive Republican because I believe that government  should not have a say in our Schools, Businesses, Personal Lives, and Bedrooms. As a person that was raised in a poor city like Inglewood, I believe the Republican party has to do a better job to reach out to minorities and city dwellers. The only people that can reach out to underserved communities are Progressive Republicans, and I hope to be a part of that outreach.”