Reading List

This is by no means a comprehensive reading list. It should, however, give the reader a good base from which to start understanding Progressive Republicanism.


Order of Battle, by Senator Jacob Javits

Traces the historical trajectory of the national-interest tradition in American politics, with proposals for updating it for the 1960s.

Rule and Ruin, by Geoffrey Kabaservice

Explores the pitched battles between progressives, moderates, and the ascendant conservatives in the Republican Party from the 1950s through the present day.

Where the Right Went Wrong, by E.J. Dionne

Analyzes the rise of the conservative right in the Republican Party in broad historical-intellectual strokes.

Up From Conservatism, by Michael Lind

Examines the contradictions and utopianisms of modern conservative thought and policy, and explores the possible alternatives for a thoughtful conservatism.


The Role of Uncle Sam, by David Brooks

Traces the developmentalist tradition through American history, and looks at the excesses of progressive developmentalists in the Democratic Party throughout the 20th Century.

The Neocons are Responsible for Trumpismby Michael Lind

Personal account of the excesses and contradictions of movement conservatism, in light of the Trump movement.

A Call to Excellence in Leadership, by The Ripon Society

Manifesto of the Progressive Republicans of the old Ripon Society, issued amidst the tumult of the 1960s.

Rockefeller Republican Redemption, by Luke Phillips

A look at the infrastructure Rockefeller Republicans would need to become relevant again in the 21st Century.